Shopify e-commerce website builder is a leading platform that will enable you to create a unique site. It is easy to use to enable new online entrepreneurs to draft a site by themselves. When creating a site using Shopify, you will use less time to create a site due to its drag and drop feature. With this, you will get a chance to focus on other important aspects of your business. The good thing about Shopify is the tools it offers to meet your needs and enhance the functionality of your business. Shopify has advanced features to enable your site to improve customers’ experience. Here they are:

Professional templates

If you aim is to create a professional e-commerce website, you need to consider Shopify. It has over 100 beautiful templates for you to choose from. With this, you will come up with a great site which will build trust with customers that you offer high-quality products. If you create a professional website, you will encourage customers to have the interest to look around your site and make purchases.

Plug in option

Shopify has plugins that will enable your store to become successful and deliver high-quality customer service. It offers you with social media marketing tools to enable your site to reach a massive number of customers. Also, it will provide you with accounting tools to help you analyze your sales regarding profit and loss. With Shopify, you will get an opportunity to give offers such as discounts and free shipping to your customers.

24/7 customer support

When creating your site, you can encounter a problem and may need someone to help you. Shopify has reliable customer support. You can contact them through a phone call, email, or online live chat. In this essence, you will be sure to get help at any time you need.

Integrated payment gateways

The good thing with Shopify is the payment methods it offers.  It will accept payment from over 70 different processors and in different currencies. It has SSL certification (Secure Socket Layers) to enable you to protect customers’ sensitive data. With this, customers will choose your store over your competitors’.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is a crucial feature that enhances customers’ experience. With this Shopify feature, more customers will be able to navigate to your site and make a purchasing decision.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Shopify e-commerce website builder will enable you to reach international customers due to the social media marketing tools and SEO feature it offers. Also, you will get an opportunity to add images, content, or a logo to your site due to its customization feature.